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1of1 Customs

$250 Freestyles

Have your outfit completely free-styled. Give me a theme and watch the magic come to life. In this selection the design is completely up to designer Mr. All-En, it will feature graphics on pants as well as the shirt. Must book 3 weeks in advance from the date needed.

Women Customs

In regards to any women customs, unless it is a size small dress that is needed. Custom pieces will need to be ordered from Etsy or any local designers you may know. I'm not very experienced at sewing, and want to avoid any mistakes at all costs.

Tier 1- $130-$190

Baby Outfits- Starts at $130
One Graphic- Starts at $130
One Graphic & Wording (Shirt/Pants ONLY)- Starts at $170
Two+ Graphics & Wording (Shirt/Pants ONLY)- Starts at $190

Tier2- $200 -$275

Full Pants or Full Detail Front/Back Shirt- Starts at $200

Pants/Shirt Set Custom- Starts at $225

Tier3- $300-$375

Full Detail Realism- Starts at $300

Full Detail Pants & Full Detail Front and Back Set- Starts at $350

Thank you so much, to all.

We're going All-En, I look forward to any requests for 1of1 customs, please be deposit ready when putting in a request.