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About Us

All-En is a company that is dedicated to providing quality products for our members. Founded in 2019, when owner Allen Banks simply wanted to produce an outfit for an upcoming Lil Baby concert, and decided to hand-paint a two piece jean, green flame, set. From there he left his initial job at a nursing home, to work at the hospital (3pm-1:30am). However, the work just wasn't fulfilling work for Banks, his coworkers gave him a boost to start a clothing line, and from there it's history. After numerous viral videos, failed/successful projects, sleepless nights, creative photoshoots, sketches, a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and even a magazine publishing. Banks has finally felt like he has found his footing, and is ready to make some history within the fashion industry, while also emphasizing positivity and self-belief, no matter an individual's age or location. 

There is a lot of thought and effort put into each design that is added to our collections. The only thing we ask in return is to lock in with us and officially become All-En. Those who support the brand never go unnoticed and is very much appreciated beyond explanation. 

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